Homeless Ministries Task Force, June 15, 2016

Homeless Task Force June 15th


Jennifer and Bill Dornbush, Shirley and Bob Cheal, Peg and John Creager, Mary Brunet, Doug Albertson

Reports from Meetings

June 8th phone call with Dave Gouin. Director Dept. of Housing and Human Services

  • In agreement with possibilities of other kinds of shelter, low barrier housing,”partners , possessions and pets”  Will set up a meeting with Mayor and City manager. He mentioned churches and that a precedent has been approved in other areas. ** Good to get data. In Oakland legislation was passed to allow churches to do what we are thinking about.
  • Remember we are working with allies in our community.( Redwood Quaker group, SRJC)
  • Peg talked with neighbor dentist group who is willing to speak to city council about needs of shelter less.

Jack Tibbetts kick off

  • Talked with Shirley Zane -county trying to loosen regulations, wants tiny homes to go ahead as a pilot program which could then be duplicated. Told her of our ideas for our property and told her we were working with the city on clarifying the CHAP program.She said that she thought our land was in the county.
  • JIm Leddy conversation totally on board with what we are working on, heavily involved with Camp Michela. Willing to talk at oursack lunch event
  • Conversation with Jen Close. She was heavily involved with Palms project. Spokeabout the amount of people who just said she  is willing to talk at a sack lunch event.

June 14 City Council

  • Shirley spoke of urgency of putting CHAPP on agenda.

Proposal for Church Council - suggestions/ changes were given to Mary Mary will continue with a draft including

  1. Legality issues pertain to our dealings with all the city folks.
  2. Oversite and Management - Catholic Charities (we hope)
  3. Publicity-  take plan to council stating how we will roll out the campaign
  4. Timeline/ Milestone -dates important
  5. Details - water, electricity , image
  6. Presentation to church council would be about a hybrid/alternative/collaborative model with some similarities to Camp Michela

Tents actually the first thing? Let’s not get bogged down with all other possibilities. Watched the Camp Michela video produced by David McMinn to see what kinds of tents they are looking at.

Noticed Peace and Justice Center is involved - banking?

Meeting with FUMC committees/ groups when... Get ready with publicity before there is approval.  

Need to meet with St. Point study group and  Outreach and service.

Sack Lunch Sunday 12.30 ST. Point

  • Speakers in place and Ryan, KaLane will be there. John will host and speak.
  • All bring extra lunches. Peg will do drinks.
  • Shirley will make signs “Changing the Face of Homelessness”

Many meetings scheduled for next week with various attendees

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