Homeless Ministries Task Force, July 20, 2016

Homeless Task Force Meeting          Wednesday July 20th Start Time 1.30

 Present: Bob, Shirley, Jenny, John, Jennifer, Bill, Mary, Norm


S.R.Sub Committee on Homelessness July 18th

  • City will propose earlier start to coordinated intake with extra funds allocated, but not needed for another project.


S.R.City Council July  19th

Homelessness declared and Emergency

  • State of Emergency will only end with functional zero.  Local emergency has to be renewed every 30 days.  City Council will contact the state about a possible statewide emergency. Funds may then be available. It was suggested that Emergency would not end until there was enough housing or shelter so that anyone could be given shelter within 30 days.

CHAPP decision

  • All agreed to change CHAPP to CHAP which would mean it would no longer be a ’pilot ‘program.
  • All agreed to the need for 24 hour,365 day program - not just overnight shelter.

Julie Combs outlined need to have guidelines for small communities:  She outlined the following decisions that needed to be made and then brought back to council for approval. It was stated that there was need for speed in these decisions. SR Sub Committee on Homelessness agreed to meet more frequently and will work with city staff.

  • size limits
  • could property owners charge
  • length of stay/ extensions
  • storage
  • tents or other small dwellings
  • health and safety inspection
  • flexibility in rule making for property owners
  • ability to cook safely
  • need for third party, being part of HOST and co-ordinated intake process.
  • Access to services essential
  • screening for privacy for residents
  • security
  • Need for creativity in solving needs.

It was further emphasized that these guidelines need to encourage landowners to develop there own  plan within guidelines and give property owners flexibility.It was also stated that these small communities should not be all in one quadrant of town.


Fr.Laurence Margitich  of St Seraphim Orthodox Church  met with John

He is a strong ally, has property and funds.

Next Steps:

  • Margie Peddibone Catholic Charities wants update on this proposal. Mary will schedule meeting.
  • Pastor Blake is serving on a sub group connected with  City Council Homeless Task Force
  • Meeting next Wednesday 4pm  with Jennielynn Holmes from Catholic Charities 

What support can be expected from Catholic Charities?  How will residents be chosen? How will we measure success? (Discussion followed on possible of use of county buildings. Chanate Hospital, fire station etc.)

  • August 14th Sack Lunch.12.30. Mc Mullin room. Jennifer will be mediator. Mike  will showupdated slides. We will invite all at FUMC and those from our mailing list.

End time 3:05pm


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Wed, 07/20/2016 - 13:30