Homeless Ministries Task Force, July 13, 2016

Task Force Wednesday July 13th

Paul, Peg, Bob, Shirley John, Jenny, Mike, Bill, Jennifer, Mary, Norm, Blake


 Start Time 1: 34pm

One on One conversations:

  • Proposal ??  Needs to include words "We propose....."
  • Take future meetings, logistics and dates etc. off the end proposal.
  • What actually is our proposed village? "Our village small and temporary for folks as they move towards permanent housing." This sentence is stronger.

Sack Lunch Sunday

  • Power Point presentation good brought folks up to where we are in this mission. Questions and answers were informative. Should we invite all from community? Calm meeting-family atmosphere. Great to allow follow up questions. How can we address the questions and concerns, so there is satisfaction among the congregation? Let's be solid on our answers. Smaller groups seem to be better- so more meetings may be preferable. Use of cards will continue.
  • We need to give clear answers to: 1.Are we lowering the pressure on the city to fix the homeless issue 2. Voting. 3. Neighbors
  • Question: whether we should have community and homeless folks present.
  • How do we really get the word out?
  • Some people don't notice all the opportunities to hear about a new mission.
  • Shall we have previously homeless folks speak? How about a short video?


Future Event: September 14th McMullin at 12.30 Sack Lunch


  • Looked at Spectrum of Rules and Regulations -  thanks Norm
  • Discussed proposal suggestions from Jennie Lynn (Catholic Charities), the letter from Tom (Vice Mayor) and article Tent City. How to respond effectively discussed. Calls will be made to both. Mary, Paul and Jennie will meet to update the proposal. Primarily we need to clarify wording on our document to match and incorporate wording from Catholic Charities and City Council. These documents gave us insight into language commonly used.   City Council may stipulate size and length of stay.  


July 19th Council meeting   Attend if possible. CHAPP on the agenda.


  • July 25th door to door save the date 
  • Letter received about FISH- response needed to revisit issue. (Paul and Trustees)
  • Member of congregation stepped up to help with MOU.

Next Meeting:

  • Start to formulate list of rules and regulations. (Jennielyn may have list for us to look at)
  • Guidance on voting needed.

Meeting ended at 3:54pm

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Wed, 07/13/2016 - 13:30