Homeless Ministries Task Force, January 18, 2017

Homeless Ministries Task Force Wed. January 18th

Present: Richard, Bob, Shirley, Peg, Mike, John, Jennifer, Paul, Norm, Mary and Doug




Update from Meetings:

 Jack Tibbetts- Bob and Shirley

  • Jack, Julie and David Gouin feel HUTS are aesthetically pleasing and would be a better choice for the neighbors. Much discussion
  • Fundraising through Indigogo – Paul to follow up



  • Who owns the HUTS?
  • Gift to users or do we have to buy?   Follow up Shirley


 Fire Department Questions:

  • Need for conversation regarding, gates width and locks, heaters, cooking, HUTS, emergency access etc.
  • Contact Jack, Fire Dept. and David to arrange walk through prior to set up. Shirley


FUMC Trustees

  • MOU essential first step.  Richard to contact Jennielynn , then to email to Trustees by Jan 20th for email approval.
  • Present to Trustees about site usage, preparation- gravel improvements, design, layout -Feb 6th - use prepared layout board


To do: Action Items

  • Budget:  Doug, Shirley
  • Layout plan:   Bob and Mike
  • Fundraising Online:  Paul
  • MOU: Richard
  • Kellie K.  Bob and Mike
  • Neighborhood Watch or Association – Norm
  • Place poles to outline placement- Bob
  • School and School Board- Blake, Doug and others continue support.
  • Find name for sheltered transitional housing- All


New Communication Team: Blake, Lindsey, Mary, Paul, Richard

All requests to be sent to Communications team.


  • Press
  • TV
  • FUMC outreach
  • Email updates
  • Church Council update
  • Trustees report
  • Roseleaf
  • Website



Other: Boys and Girls Club - host a daily before and after school at Ministry Center.

 Task Force very supportive.

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Wed, 01/18/2017 - 13:30