Homeless Ministries Task Force gathering, June 19. 2016

Homeless Task Force Sack Lunch Gathering Sunday June 19th

38 in attendance

Why might it be good to consider having homeless people on our campus?

(A small group brainstorming session)


  • Show that we care
  • Shows kindness and compassion above all else.
  • Create a model that others can use
  • Safe place
  • Great publicity for the church
  • Show that everybody matters
  • Opportunity for FUMC to work with others in the community
  • Empowers us as individuals and as a church
  • Helps us to understand what being homeless is all about
  • Because we should
  • Because we can
  • Presence here would reduce vandalism
  • Get to know people
  • It is our Christian duty
  • Good example for our children
  • Way to build partnerships
  • everyone deserves a place to call home
  • Property underutilized
  • Stability for people
  • Community sees church as stepping up
  • Provides opportunities for church community  to be in relationship with others
  • If not us who?
  • Example of doing something despite risks
  • A move to just solve the problem
  • Help others to take first step forward
  • Help people get the help they need medical, clothes etc.)
  • What would Jesus do?
  • Jesus is telling us to do it.
  • People need a place to live
  • That’s the sort of thing Jesus called us to do
  • Provides garden and shade
  • Quiet, less traffic
  • To give the community a chance to see the ‘misplaced’ are not all alike
  • Helps to have people off the street
  • Rewards great for those helping
  • God’s will
  • Sonoma county facing gentrification-we can make a difference
  • Helps give folks a start to independence
  • We have land to share
  • Land is a gift from God to used in an inspired way
  •  Allows us to set and example
  • Allows us to not be judgmental
  • Allows us to reach out to those who don’t know how to help themselves

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Sun, 06/19/2016 - 12:30