Homeless Ministries Task Force, August 9, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Homeless Ministries Task Force meeting - Mike and Peg Ferrel, Bill and Jennifer Dornbush, Diane Test, Bob Cheal, Jennie Hartman and John Creager were present.

Long-term news:

        Paul O'Rear is planning a meeting with City of Santa Rosa staff to discuss the idea of building housing on our Stony Point property.

        Bob Cheal was told by Mike Kennedy, director of Sonoma County mental health services, that substantial funding is available for housing residents with mental health issues.

Short-term news:

        John has safe parking procedure documents from Catholic Charities. Please contact him if you would like copies.

        Bill has set up a Google Voice phone number that we can transfer between our phones as we rotate "on call" duties for our safe parking site.

        Diane reported on what she learned from her talk with SR Police about what support we might expect for dealing with issues related to safe parking.

        We are waiting to hear back from the church's insurance carrier with an estimate for insuring a church-run safe parking program.

        We are waiting to hear back from city staff about what costs might be reimbursed from CHAP funds.

        Bob let us know that Shirley would like to inform grant organizations that we will not be using the safe camping grants we were awarded. The group gave our OK to do so, including returning funds already received for that project.

        Mike reported on last night's city council meeting where "quality of life" enforcement was discussed. (The city is likely to increase fines and include jail time for such misdemeanors as camping in cars or in public places).

        John will check with people closer to the date to see if we will have enough people in town to hold our scheduled meeting on Wednesday, August 23.

Bless you all,

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Wed, 08/09/2017 - 13:30