Homeless Ministries Task Force, August 31, 2016

Homeless Ministries Task Force Wednesday August 31st

Present:  Bob, Shirley, Doug, John, Bill, Jennifer, Norm, Mary


Start 1:35 End 4:05pm



R.L. Stevens School - Doug, Blake and Lindsey

  • Principal stated appearance is very important, uniform tents, yurts?  
  • She wants  to do good by community
  • Tom and Jennielynn could be invited to do presentation to school families, along with Task Force


Conversation followed on types of shelter.


Homeless Talk

  • Bob and Shirley attended meeting at the Palms and were part of a mini sample of what the talks would be. They are looking for locations to host Homeless Talk across the county. Ideas?

Jim Leddy. Bob and Shirley.

  • Talk to Camp Michela needed.  Some in camp not willing to partner with Catholic Charities and refuse HOST. Some want to ‘do their own thing.’


Cynthia Stebbins-Homeless advocate . Shirley

Points of interest:

  • Word 'shelter' might be used, not transitional housing which means some rent paid (like the Giffen Women’s House
  • 6 months limit- motivates folks to access all services
  • Tents not necessarily the best idea
  • Consider curfew and quiet hours
  • Catholic Charities intake- Coordinated Intake is the future plan when funding starts in January.
  • Sign in/out
  • Residential volunteer - day and at night (given extra month stay) for extra security
  • 2 weekly meetings - general rules/ chores etc. then wellness meeting- perhaps speakers, or looking at a specific book etc.
  • Security and rules- all community needs to report any infractions and look out for each other.
  • ' coming in wet' smell alcohol  or behavior issues. Orinda Center for detox
  • There are shelter hoppers.


H.U.T.S. (Harold’s Utilitarian Transitional Shelter)

  • Alternative to tents, collaboration with local designer Harold Wallin and AmeriCorps.
  • AmeriCorps raising money for 10 units at $600.
  • Handout . No cost to us
  • Lockable, storage and bed space
  • Vision of small community of 8- 10
  • Movable with 2 people.
  • Visible- no shame, no hidden homeless
  • Some of us will visit this week.



  • sole responsibility of Catholic Charities, no favorites, or jumping to the front of the list.


Normadic Shelter

  • approved by Trustees to be monthly, starts in October , every 3rd Friday. Communities of Faith will help with meals. Peg has agreed to coordinate monthly cooking. Outreach and Service will communicate with Peg.


Report from Details group/ MOU group.  

  • Richard to be contacted. Has CHAP paperwork been sent to Jennielynn? Include transitional single page proposal.  M.O.U. where are we that?

Possible sub Groups

  • Visual appearance
  • Details group
  • Rules


Engaging our Congregation

  • Remember outspoken individuals need to be heard, but do not reflect the face of FUMC



  • Review and discussion


11th Sack Lunch  Sunday

  • Need to let speakers know what to cover.
  • Tom Schwedhelm (testimony from police to city council, how city will work/ support  with us and Jennielynn (changing the view of homelessness and C.C. overseeing/ supporting our project)
  • Start with Slide Show. No additional comments or questions.
  • FUMC providing -  heavy snacks after services
  • HMTF will provide extra sack lunch.
  • Publicity: Postcards? Email blast? Yes
  • No tables, curved  chairs. Rusty


Pre- school letter - discussion. Will send response, before presenting at the preschool board.

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Wed, 08/31/2016 - 13:30