Homeless Ministries Task Force, August 24, 2016

August 24th Homeless Ministries Task Force meeting


Present; Norm, Paul, Jennifer, Bob, Shirley, Peg, Mike, Blake,  Mary. John



  • Thursday Aug 18th. Jennielynn and Tom see separate notes - discussion followed. Question about having Safe Parking and Safe Tent community together! This is probably a C. C. decision.
  • Numbers - Jennielynn suggests we start small 8-10 discussion followed about whether this is too small for a ‘community feel’. Maybe a soft start is ok for us, the congregation and C.C.
  • CHAPP - reviewed registration form and changes- added extra fire safety wording. Richard


Church Committee Updates

  • Norm Bryan  Study Group
  • Outreach and Service


  • Let's hear more about why we need a vote.
  • Is this task force just seen taking a risk, others maybe don't have confidence? 
  • Are we just taking care of our church folks?
  • Will we have more problems if we don't have vote?
  • Outreach and Service. Committee- “Only those who have been informed get to vote?”
  • Perhaps congregation needs to know, “There is a group who really see this as an important mission and want this to happen. Are you going to obstruct this group?”


School/ Neighbors

  • School visit planned. 
  • What about neighbors? Mary knows name of the apartment manager.  Individuals we talk to could be invited to the 11th Sack lunch meeting.

New Slide Show Norm

  • Excellent show, helping to change the face of homelessness. Few edits needed. Great for website or show in church?  Norm will use at Men’s Breakfast and Trustees.


  • send edits to Norm


Sack Lunch September 11th Open to all

  • Invite people particularly those who we know are unsure/uncertain.
  • Service at 10am HMTF gathering at 12
  • Short intro, no slide show
  • Give time to Jennie Lynn and Tom Schwedholm


Church Council Saturday 17th

  • Progress Report   no voting/concensus/proposal at this time

Pre school response

  • Doug working on this.



  • Homeless Action looking for a place to build 10 artist designed simple dwelling for a build day. Will then give away to homeless! How about our space for a build day?  A creative arts project?
  • Community Action Board grant for Welcome Area outside Fellowship Hall. (Mary, Doug, Shirley) Presentation by Shirley tonight


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Wed, 08/24/2016 - 13:30