Homeless Ministries Task Force, August 17, 2016

Wednesday August 17th FUMC Homeless Task Force

Present: Bob, Shirley, Norm, Jennifer, Bill, Paul, Peg, Mike Welcome Richard Peterson Jones



City Council Subcommittee on Homelessness Monday 15th – Shirley and Richard

  • What is the impact of declaring a Homeless Emergency?  Emergency allows flexible  use of city properties.
  • Police presentation- police work closely with HOST. 2 additional police down town but these are also used across the city on issues of homelessness. Concern from public about cutting park bushes.
  • Housing First and Coordinated intake would need to be approved by City Council.
  • City council members called for an audit of all city buildings for possible use.
  • Could homeless use parking lots, Veterans building, National Guard?
  • Veterans and National Guard have tents.
  • Adrian from Homeless Action mentioned a fundraiser to build 'Hard Tents' for $600 plan to build 10- looking for land
  • Council members spoke of needing to, “do the right things now”, and “that this is the time for the whole community to be involved - we are all impacted by homelessness.”
  • Pets, Partners and Property- these things limit homeless getting housing or a place in shelters.

Richard spoke with City Attorney and was welcomed, and Shirley and Richard met with Jennielynn and Tom to discuss upcoming meeting on Thursday at our Stony Point property.


Sack Lunch Sunday August 14th

  • Good attendance notes on web site.


Future Sack Lunch Gatherings

  • Include more about this project as a 'mission' of the church, use wording from our Mission or Oneness statement- maybe recite out loud in future gatherings.
  • Talked  about preparing a video showing homelessness 
  • The use of speakers - Julie Combs, Tom, Jennielynn, folks from church or the homeless.
  • Speakers  for All church Event September 11th and at Church Council –agreed it was a good idea.



  • Include an update of the number of meetings we have attended in the past
  • Mission and Oneness Statement
  • Align with newest proposal where appropriate..


Much talk about how to vote- not task force decision but maybe a recommendation could be given.


What are folks really concerned about?

  • Internally - are we helping our own FUMC folks. Where are our hearts? Too much mission?
  • Image  of homelessness
  • Family member homelessness


  • Do we actually vote on mission?
  • Will neighbors determine our mission?


 Future Meetings. Thursday August 18th 1.30 Stony Point. Jennie Lynn and Vice Mayor



Next Agenda:


Pre School Board response back to church council. Doug


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Wed, 08/17/2016 - 13:30