Homeless Ministries Task Force, August 10, 2016

Homeless Ministry Task force Meeting Wednesday August 10th

Start. 1:30  End 4pm


Present: Peg, Mike, Shirley, Bob, Doug, John


 Jennielynn Holmes ( Catholic Charities) and Tom Schwedhelm  (City Council) willing to meet next week with Shirley, Mike, Doug and Norm.

These 4 task force members will meet at 8.30 Wednesday  for a  pre-meeting


Sack Lunch Sunday August 14th McMullin Room- Similar format as before.

  • Update slides 
  • Including perhaps a uniform tent  example and a map of area
  •  Include latest updates from city council.
  • Norm presenting
  • Jennifer - moderator
  • Use cards for questions

Other Meetings


  • Saturday August 11th   Palms Inn 5-7pm Housing Crisis Summit
  • Monday August 15th 9am City Council Chambers



We plan to address neighborhood interests and concerns when we have the final details from the city and our task force. This might include targeted mailing, individual meetings and group meetings. Pastors to be involved.


Neighborhood Walks will continue every Saturday and Sunday-  we can join in.



  • Peg gave a Camp MIchela update.- obviously some negative changes happening.


  • Nomadic Shelter- Redwood Gospel Mission Project will be  monthly year round. Peg will take the lead. Volunteers should go directly to Peg.


  • Preschool board sent a response to church council regarding our FUMC Homeless Task Force Ministry.  We plan to respond back, to Church Council, to the applicable concerns.  For next week’s agenda.


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Wed, 08/10/2016 - 13:30