Homeless Ministries Neighborhood Meeting, November 9, 2016

Wednesday  November  9th Neighborhood Meeting  at Stony Point


Introduction and Welcome: Mary in English and Spanish


Pastor Lindsey

Outlined the journey of FUMC in their outreach to support those experiencing homelessness.

  • 100 people at Spirit Cafe
  • safe parking.
  • Nomadic Shelter
  • Good relationships formed with Catholic Charities
  • started to see things differently.
  • Started to think about our space and how we can help those experiencing homelessness.


Slide Show Norm Hardin


Tom Schwedhelm Vice Mayor 

  • Retired chief police dealt with that experiencing homelessness from police perspectives
  • Now seeing things from a different point of view.
  • Catholic Charities and police started working together.
  • Saw things were not solved in the Council meeting.  
  • Functional zero means providing housing within 30 days. 
  • Clean Start Shower program used as an engagement practice. 
  • Question?  What am I doing about problem? Less pointing fingers at others.
  • Community wide response, “How can we be effective together?”
  • Homelessness not a criminal issue.
  • Became part of the Homeless Collective.
  • Declaring Homelessness as an emergency has helped clear the way for action.
  • We are all the same.
  • We can do it.


Jennielynn Holmes Catholic Charities

  • Originally had stereotypes of homelessness- got to learn the stories and found fascinating people.
  • Trying to create hope for those who are feeling hopeless. Look past the chaos to some hope. Opportunity for people to move along. 
  • Housing cures homelessness. Interim step  like FUMC mission can get folks linked up to services.
  • This FUMC project allows people to be found while waiting for permanent housing and access to site counseling. 
  • Great need to create such a successful program  along with housing production.


Q &A

I've been homeless, now a home owner.  Will people at FUMC transitional community be willing to receive help?

  • HOST team linkage, folks will be actively looking for housing,
  • Already have housing subsidy.


What about other sites? 

  • City looking an inventory. Some properties not ADA compliant.  City can't do it by itself.  FUMC will be the model program.
  • Some parks explored- but they are public spaces. Hard to schedule services.
  • Tiger Salamander habitat (federal law) can be an issue


Safe Parking from whom?

  • Police don't always honor parking sites.
  • Jennielynn to follow up with police.


CHAP what is it?

  • Mechanism that council set to allow safe parking and camping be expedited quickly. 
  • Tailored to individual sites.


What about if folks just show up for parking or camping?

  • Catholic Charities know who is registered in the program and staff deal with those who just show up for either parking or camping. 24hour support staff available.


I support the CHAP program. Seems to be extremely slow progress on housing. Will CHAP be a cheap solution. What is SR doing for housing?

  • City has a 'housing action plan'. $3m to promote building. 
  • Priority is housing for all.
  • Market rate and affordable housing plans often stopped by neighbors. NIMBY
  • This is the most reactive I have seen the City Council on any issue.


School Counselor expressed some students concerns about walking to and from school across FUMC land.

  • Important to educate children to new adults to the neighborhood.
  • Could we perhaps provide morning monitor to help walk children.
  •  Continue conversations between FUMC and staff at school.
  •  HOST teams will be there.
  • Example of conversations around the SAY dream center.  How can we make you feel at ease?


 Kalane Raposa told his story outlining how his moving to a safe camping situation and his support from HOST teams eventually supported his move to permanent housing and a full time job as a HOST outreach worker. Much applause followed.


What could happen in a safe transitional program?

  • Someone experiencing homelessness  will not be placed in a program, like this at FUMC, who is unable succeed.
  • Most need someone to believe in him/ her.
  • Don't paint all folks with the same brush.


 What will this do to area home values?

  • Unsure –
  •  However unsupervised folks will cause more trouble.


Will there be onsite supervision?

  • Catholic Charities doubling present supervision.
  • HOST team through the day and night,
  • 24/7 phone number.
  • Residents of Transitional Community often first callers because they want to protect property and program.


Will homeless folks hang out here?  Could they be around our students? 

  • This was our first concern at Catholic Charities when we started the Safe Parking.
  • Historically that hasn't happened.
  • CC would rectify issue. Use law enforcement or HOST teams. 24 hour support available.


How do you monitor safety in the neighborhood? How do you evaluate' community safety?

  • Go to police website to find safety survey for your area 
  • Let’s continue to have quarterly neighborhood meetings to discuss any issues


How can we apply for a place in this camp?

  • Lots of procedures to complete.
  • We haven't decided on an application yet.


Pastor Blake

Thanks for coming - important to continue communication with FUMC.

Picture neighbors, school, imagine those without homes. Hold all those folks in your mind. Let's continue to build a vital community.

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Wed, 11/09/2016 - 18:30