Homeless Ministries Gathering

 Sunday 14th August FUMC Homeless Ministries Task Force Sack Lunch Gathering


27 present plus\task force members

Slide Show Presentation- Norm Hardin


City and County Questions

  • Emergency Ordinance will probably loosen up requirements. To be  renewed every 30 days
  • What about other legal counsel?  MOU Richard advising
  • CHAP revision needs to include tent or other dwellings. Task force members to attend meetings this week.
  • Why FUMC property and not city property?  Comes down to our faith. Much support for those in need. Shows an outpouring of love.

 Nuts and Bolts questions

  • Well or city water?   city
  • Cost of water?FUMC
  • Cooking?  Approval of fire dept.
  • Electricity- for cell phones? Available on site
  • Winter conditions - mud/gravel /possible use of wooden pallets/concrete pad/locate on highest ground.
  • RV's Trailers not for us
  • 20 seems like a good number.- city may define
  • Adults only
  • Diane stated that her conversation with Jennielynn  at a recent workshop- stressed support services will be in place.
  • Lighting-LED lighting


To be determined

  • Supervision - paid or volunteer?
  • Where do people eat?   Backpacking skills needed.
  • .When will it be ready for FUMC approval.
  • Why doesn’t the city and county step up.
  • Myths about homelessness- need to educate everybody - bring people to understand.
  • How do we keep squatters away?
  • Neighbors- input welcome, will be meeting with neighbors.
  • Talking about housing for just 1%?  Is it worth it?



Other questions:

  • Are women safer in fenced in area?
  • Do we have an example of a similar camp?



  • FISH looking for property.  FISH board had a misconception of Homelessness.
  • Church of Incarnation in support.
  • Nomadic Shelter folks looked just like us
  • A superhonorable idea.
  • I am willing to speak as a homeless person.
  • Camp Michela may have to move again as the county  is asking them to get off the propertyJim Leddy is supervising Camp Michela.
  • We made 20 people homeless when we bought the Stony Point land.

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Sun, 08/14/2016 - 12:30