Finance Committee, September 12, 2012

 Minutes of the Regular Meeting

First United Methodist Church

Finance Committee

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 – 7:00 p.m.  Carriage House

Present:  Mary Brunet, Karl Byrn, Sean Charter, Mark Frey, Arnie Hale, Pamala Stephens, Larry Thompson, Kathy Young, and Mike Young.

Absent:  Frank Bush, Naomi Niimi, and Larry Schmidt.

Chair Kathy Young called the meeting to order and Arnie Hale opened with a prayer.


Approval of the Minutes

Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Finance Committee Meeting of August 8, 2012.  Approved as presented.


Financial Report

Larry Thompson reviewed the August 2012 Balance Sheet and Income and Expense Statement with the group.  Larry indicated that pledges and gifts were on target with the budgeted amount for the period and that overall revenues were $1,937 ahead of the budgeted amount.  This was due to increased revenues in the Church’s room use.   He stated that Church personnel costs were $4,034.81 over the budget, but that this overage would even out over the budget period.  Church building maintenance is $-1,403.50 under budget.  Further, Church operations are $1,223.65 over budget due to the amortization of the family camp expense, and moving expenses for Pastor Blake.  Larry pointed out that that year to date All Church-food costs were $5,670.19 which is $1,170.19 above the budgeted amount of $4,500.  However, the costs include Tuesday night dinners and Tuesday night food donations are $4,111.62.  So Church food costs backing out Tuesday night dinners is $1,558.57.  Excess Income/Expenses through the period is $1,918.91. 


Old Business

Mary Brunet reported that she did follow-up with the Worship Committee regarding the   expenses that exceeded income for Christmas and Easter flowers in the amount of -$567.  The Worship Committee approved paying the expense.    

Pamala Stephens reported that she contacted Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair Norm Bryan about the request that the Church review the cost of Section 125 Plan administration to determine if the program is cost effective and providing value.  


New Business

Good Shepherd Fund

Mark Frey noted that the Good Shepherd fund has a balance of $6.08.  Kathy Young stated that we need to get the word out that the fund needs replenishing.


2012 Campaign Update

Mary Brunet gave an update on the 2012 Campaign.  She provided the group with examples of proposed pledge cards.  The theme is bright, uplifting with a Sonoma County feel to it and includes words of inspiration from Pastor Blake’s sermons.  She indicated that the goal for the new calendar year budget will be $730,000.  Mary pointed out that the Church has steadily decreased the amount of draw from the Ferguson gift.  It is hoped that there will be remaining funds in the Ferguson gift in 2014 and that can be used for a “dream program”, thus closing out the generous gift with continued dreams of what might be possible in ministry at FUMC.  Mary indicated that kick-off will be Sunday, October 28th and Consecration Sunday will be November 18th.  She asked the group to staff a Campaign information table following Church services on the Sundays during the Campaign.   She will provide sign-ups at the next Finance Committee meeting.  Mary reported that Pastor Blake has asked about twenty members of the Church to write a devotional about stewardship for a small devotional book to be given to members of the Church during the Campaign.


Trustee Update

Sean Charter reported that the Trustee is working on a “Wish List” of projects that need to be done around the Church in which members can donate funds to or assist in the completion of a work project. 


Accounting Practices

Mary Brunet sought direction from the group with regards to a recent check received in the amount of $50.00 from a local cleaners who had cleaned Choir items.  It was the consensus of the group that the amount be credited to the expense paid for the cleaning of the items. 

The group then moved into a broader discussion of accounting practices and principles. It was agreed that Kathy Young and Pamala Stephens will meet with Pastor Blake in the near future to obtain his thoughts on the topic.


Meeting adjourned 8:30 p.m. with a prayer by Mark Frey.

Next meeting; October 10, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. – Carriage House

Minutes Submitted by:

Pamala Stephens

September 16, 2012

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