Devotional October 2, 2016

Week of October 2, 2016


In his old age Abraham receives a call and responds in faith and trust.  Through Abraham all the nations of the world will be blessed.  This week we will explore Abraham’s call and life.


Monday: You are never too old to receive and respond to God’s call.  God initiates an everlasting covenant with Abraham and promises to make Abraham the ancestor of a multitude (which is what his new name means).

Read Genesis 17:1-8

Questions for Reflection and Application

1. What promises is God calling you to embrace?

2. How do those promises shape the way live?

Prayer Focus

Pray that you may live your life focused on God’s promises and covenant with you.


Tuesday: Circumcision was the sign of membership in the covenant community. For Christians, baptism is that sign.  Both imply a positive response to God who has initiated a

covenant relationship.

Read Genesis 17:9-14

Questions for Reflection and Application

1. How might you be faithful to your baptism today?

2. God’s covenant with Abraham had implications for succeeding generations.  What can you do to leave a legacy of faith to future generations?

Prayer Focus

Pray for younger generations, that they might enjoy the fullness of a covenant relationship with God.


Wednesday: In their old age God promises to give Abraham a son through his wife Sarah.  Abraham is incredulous, yet God restates the promise to establish the covenant through Sarah’s son whom they shall name Isaac.

Read Genesis 17:15-22

Questions for Reflection and Application

1. What promises of God do you find incredulous?

2. Reflect on those promises again and God’s ability to fulfill them.  How might your day be different if you lived as if those promises will be fulfilled?

Prayer Focus

Pray for greater trust and alignment with God’s promises.


Thursday: Abraham is visited by three angels who represent the Lord.  He offers them hospitality and in the course of the day a son is promised to Sarah and Abraham in their old age. God’s call and promises often seems beyond reason.

Read Genesis 18:1-15

Questions for Reflection and Application

1. Do you limit what God can do in your life?

2. How might you be more open to what God can do through you today?

Prayer Focus

Pray for more of God living through you today.


Friday: We conclude this week’s readings with another version of Abraham’s call.  Notice verse 6 – in spite of the incredible nature of God’s call and promise, Abraham believes God.

Read Genesis 15:1-11, 17-21

Questions for Reflection and Application

1. Do you believe God is calling you to a covenant relationship?

2. Do you believe God wants to bless others through you?

Prayer Focus

Pray to be an instrument of God today.


Small Group Format


Introductions/getting acquainted

Mutual Invitation question:  How did you get your name?  Does it have any special meaning?

Opening Prayer

Song (optional)

Reflection on the weekly Scripture readings

· Have someone read Genesis 17:1-8

· Discuss observations about the text

à    What word or phrase strikes you the most?

à    What do you think is the most important point of the text?

· Summarize the Sunday message and its connection to this text

· Use some of the daily questions for discussion in the devotional.

· Choose another day to read a different text and discuss the questions

Share your faith (in groups of 3)

How have you experienced God recently in your life?

(this will be a weekly question – it may be difficult to answer at first, but if you ask it each week, you may start to notice God more in your life)

Pray for each other

Refreshments (optional)


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