Devotional November 29, 2015

Week of November 29, 2015

The word Advent comes from the Latin verb advenire, which means "to come toward, to draw near, to approach." During Advent, we remember and celebrate God's drawing near to us in Jesus Christ bring us a deeper sense of love, hope, joy, peace and grace.  This first week of Advent we focus on deepening love.


Monday: Paul gives thanks for the Thessalonians and yearns to see them face to face.  He prays that they might “abound in love.”  May we deepen love in our lives this Advent.

Read 1 Thessalonians 3:9-13

Questions for Reflection and Application

How can you let Christ draw nearer to you this season that you might increase and abound in love?

What will you do this season to keep your focus on Christ and not the noise of the world?

Prayer Focus

Pray for your love for God and other people to deepen as you draw closer to Christ.


Tuesday:  Psalm 25 teaches us how to deepen love in our lives.

Read Psalm 25:4-10

Questions for Reflection and Application

What can you do this season to learn more of God’s ways and be led in God’s truth?

Are you still carrying around any sin or transgression in your life?  If so remember God’s steadfast love (vs. 7), confess, repent and be free.

Prayer Focus

Pray that you may not only grow in knowledge of God’s ways but walk on God’s path today.


Wednesday: In the midst of exile, destruction and disaster, Jeremiah proclaims the fulfillment of God’s promise and in so doing reveals that justice and righteousness are integral to growing in God’s deepening love

Read Jeremiah 33:14-16

Questions for Reflection and Application

What is justice?  What is righteousness?  What do they have to do with deepening love?

How can the promises of God keep you on God’s path of love rather than being pulled in a different direction?

Prayer Focus

Pray for the justice and righteousness of our city.  Pray that we might be known as “The Lord is our righteousness.”


Thursday:   Jesus speaks of the end of time and counsels us not to be weighed down by the anxieties of life, but to always be ready for the fulfillment of God’s future.

Read Luke 21:25-36

Questions for Reflection and Application

How can a greater perspective on God’s future enable you to rise above the anxieties of the present age?

Can love and anxiety co-exist in you? 

Prayer Focus

Pray for a larger perspective on life and the world that you might be freer to love and serve.


Friday:  Paul begins the letter to the Thessalonians with great encouragement 

Read 1 Thessalonians 1

Questions for Reflection and Application

How deep is the gospel rooted in your life? 

How might this season be an opportunity to know the gospel more deeply (i.e. not just with simple words, but with power v. 5)

Prayer Focus

Give thanks for everyone you know whose work of faith, labor of love and endurance of hope inspires you.


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