Roles and Responsibilities of the Trustees

Stage 1: Planning and Preparation – Before Disaster Strikes

1. Authorize the Chair of the Trustees to take actions in the name of the board as a member of the DRC Executive Committee and appoint a member to sit on the Disaster Response Committee.

2. Together with the business manager and senior pastor, review insurance coverage annually.

3. Make an annual inventory of church property and contents and provide a safe repository of valuable records. 

4. Have copies of the church’s blueprints stored safely and accessible.

5. Maintain copies of Certificates of Liability Insurance from all “outside” agencies using the facilities.  Ensure the church is named as an “additional insured” on their insurance policies.

6. In concert with the Disaster Response Coordinator, develop an action plan for establishing a Disaster Response Center under varying levels of disaster, including a secondary location if the primary location is rendered uninhabitable.

7. Act as custodians for Disaster Ministry funds which are held in the trustee’s account.

8. Act to ensure the safety of the physical facilities on both campuses:

· Inspect both campuses for hazards and mitigate any obvious problems.  Fasten shelving, bookcases and other items so they won’t fall in an earthquake, move heavy items from top to lower shelves and secure items that might topple.

· Check cabinet doors to ensure secure closure.

· Insure all chemical and flammable materials are properly stored.

· Clearly mark gas and water shut-off valves with instructions for shut off. (Turn off utilities only if there is a leak or if you suspect damage to the lines)

· Ensure working status of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.

· Ensure proper location and stocking of all first aid kits.

· Take photographs documenting the interior and exterior of your facility to help later in recovering costs due to facility damage or equipment loss.

· Post facility evacuation diagrams (with exit and assembly information).

Stage 2: Warning – Disaster is Imminent

No action is required at this point, other than individual protective actions to survive the disaster.

Stage 3: Emergency Response – After Disaster Strikes

1. Have pre-designated members of the board respond to each campus to inspect the physical facilities for damage, reporting their results to the Disaster Incident Commander, or in his absence the senior pastor.

2. The Chairperson must prepare to convene as a member of the DRC Executive Committee at the call of the senior pastor or the Disaster Incident Coordinator (Disaster Response Coordinator).

3. Assist as appropriate to maximize the usefulness of the physical facilities in whatever ways the church may be used.

4. Contact the insurance company (Berger & Jones: 800-852-4375, or 925-277-9090) to initiate any insurance claim.


Stage 4: Relief

1. Ensure the continuation or quick resumption of worship services.

2. Assist in resumption of the other activities of the church


Stage 5: Long Term Recovery

Routine functioning of the Board of Trustees resumes.