Roles and Responsibilities of the Finance Committee

Stage 1: Planning and Preparation – Before Disaster Strikes

1. Authorize the Chair of the Finance Committee to take actions in the name of the committee as a member of the DRC Executive Committee and appoint a member to sit on the Disaster Response Committee.

2. Ensure safe storage and back-up of all vital financial records.

Stage 2: Warning – Disaster is Imminent

No action is required at this point, other than individual protective actions to survive the disaster.

Stage 3: Emergency Response – After Disaster Strikes

The Chairperson must prepare to convene as a member of the DRC Executive Committee at the call of the senior pastor or the Disaster Incident Coordinator (Disaster Response Coordinator).

Stage 4: Relief

Assist the trustees in resumption of the normal functions of the church.

Stage 5: Long Term Recovery

Routine functioning resumes.