Roles and Responsibilities of the DRC Executive Committee

Stage 1: Planning and Preparation – Before Disaster Strikes

1. In the event of a major disaster involving all the resources of the church, actions will be required to be taken in extremely short time frames.  In the event of having to make emergency financial expenditures, conditions will not allow the normal process of obtaining the Senior Pastors’ approval, the finance committees’ approval, the Board of Trustees’ approval and then presenting it for the approval of the Church Council.  To this end the DRC Executive Committee will be convened.  The DRC Executive Committee will be empowered to make decisions representing the members full committee bodies without having to hold meetings of the full committees.

2. The members who will comprise the Disaster Response Center (DRC) Executive Committee will be selected.  As this committee will not function until called for in a major disaster and people come and go on the supporting committees, it may be appropriate to designate members based on positions rather than naming specific individuals.  Membership should consist of the:

· Senior Pastor or designated representative.

· Chair of the Church Council or designated representative.

· Chair of the Board of Trustees or designated representative.

· Chair of the Finance Committee or designated representative.

· The Disaster Response Coordinator or designated representative.

3.   Financial expenditure decisions will normally be limited to funds within the various groups which have been pre-designated for use during or in support of disasters, and to funds coming to the church in support of the disaster, for example: congregational donations, funding from the California-Nevada Conference or UMCOR grants. 

Stage 2: Warning – Disaster is Imminent

No action is required at this point, other than individual protective actions to survive the disaster.

Stage 3: Emergency Response – After Disaster Strikes

Prepare to convene at the call of the senior pastor or the Disaster Incident Coordinator (Disaster Response Coordinator).

Stage 4: Relief

Respond and take actions as required.

Stage 5: Long-Term Recovery 

The DRC Executive Committee will be disbanded as the disaster enters the long-term recovery phase.