FTP a file to the web site

What if you have a large file, too large to use the normal upload method, larger than 4MB, for example a sermon?

What if you want to upload a set of files to be processed by a bulk processor, for example, a set of photos?

You can use SFTP to copy the file or files from your PC to the server.  (SFTP is Secure File Transfer Protocol.)

To do this, you will need a program that can send files using SFTP.  For a Windows PC, I recommend WinSCP.  You can download it at http://winscp.net/eng/download.php

Once you have downloaded and installed it on your PC, you will need to set up a session to connect to the server.  Use menu path Session > New Session.  In the WinSCP Login window, click New.  Enter the values you see in this window:

Ask Bill Dornbush for the password.

Click Save.  Save the session using the default.

In the WinSCP Login window, make sure that the session is selected, then click Login.

If all is well, you should see the main WinSCP window:

The left pane shows the files on your PC.  The right pane shows the files you can access on the server.  Double-click "tmp" in the right window.  You should see three subdirectories: Assets, audio, and photos.

If you are uploading audio, double-click on "audio" to navigate to this folder on the server.  The directory should be empty.

If you are uploading photos, double-click on "photos" to navigate to this folder on the server.  This directory should also be empty.  If it isn't, then the last person to upload photos forgot to clean up by deleting the files when done, as described below, and you should delete the photos before proceeding.

If you are uploading photos, resize them before uploading as described in the forum topic "Adding a photo album."

Select the file(s) that you want to FTP to the server using the left pane.  You can click on the first file, and either Ctrl-click to select additional files, or Shift-click to select a group of files.  Drag and drop the file selection from the left pane to empty space in the right pane.  In the popup Copy window, click copy.

You will see the upload progress until it completes.

For audio, close your WinSCP session and see "Adding a sermon or other audio file" for the rest of the process.

For photos, I assume that you have already created the album where you want to upload photos.  You have two steps to perform:

  1. Navigate to the album, then click on Mass Import in the left menu.  Click Import Local Files.  for the Path on Server, enter:

  2. Using WinSCP, delete the files that you just uploaded into the "photos" directory.  To delete a set of files, click on the first file and shift-click on the last file.  All of the files should be highlighted.  Right-click on any file in the group, and select Delete, or press F8.  (If you fail to do this, then the next time someone uses mass import, they will upload your photos a second time, and have a tedious delete process to clean things up.)

Now you can go on with the process to title and describe your photos in the album.