Adding a sermon or other audio file


  1. Extract the scripture and sermon from CD to disk and convert to mp3.  For Windows, use something like CDex ( or Windows Media Player to rip the CD tracks to your disk.  For the Mac, see  Use Audacity ( for either Windows or Mac) to edit the tracks down to what you want.  I usually include the scripture and sermon.
  2. Save the audio file to something like km2010-12-03-1045.mp3 (sermon by Kris Marshall on 2007-12-03 at 10:45).  Use an mp3 bitrate of 64kbps.  If you can use ID3 to tag the file, enter the
    1. Title as name plus date (like Ave Verum 5.23.20xx),
    2. Artist (who performed this selection, such as Rev. Greg Bergquist or Chancel Choir),
    3. Album (FUMC Sermons or FUMC Chancel Choir)
    4. Year (20xx)
  3. Login to the web site. 
  4. In the top menu, select Content Management > Create Content > Audio.
  5. Select the file, and select the Media category(ies) needed.
    1. For a sermon, select the name of the preacher AND "sermons." Shift-click to select more than one category.
    2. For a musical number, select the name of the musical group performing.
    3. If the audio is something other than a sermon or choral music, then it needs to be included in the menu or a view or else it will not be accessible.  Ask for help if this is the case.
    4. Body showing music composer or sermon information, whatever you think is needed
    5. Click Save.
  6. If necessary, edit the file you just imported
    1. Under Audio Metadata, enter:
      Artist: (name of preacher, e.g. Rev. Greg Bergquist)
      Title: (sermon title) + date, for example "The Sermon - 5.24.2009"
      Album: FUMC Sermons
      Year: 200x
    2. Click Save
  7. Listen to the recording to be sure it plays completely.  (You can drag the slider on the player so that you can list to just the beginning and end of the sermon.)  If not, delete it and re-add it.
  8. Also upload the sermon to so that it is available to iTunes subscribers.  For instructions, see