Adding a podcast recording

Audio files on our website can be included in some podcast subscriptions, but not iTunes.  To provide for this, we have moved our audio to a website that iTunes uses to provide podcasts.

Using the Audio CD of the service, Extract the scripture and sermon from CD to disk and convert to mp3.  

Using the Service YouTube Video:

  • Navigate to the YouTube page, and copy the URL.
  • Go to and paste the URL
  • Wait for conversion, then download the .mp3
  • Use Audacity as above to prepare the sermon audio.

To upload a file to our site:

  • Browse to
  • In the upper right, click Log In.
  • Enter our username and password then click Login.  Contact Bill Dornbush for this information.
  • Enter the captcha and click Login.
  • Click Publish a Podcast
  • On the left, click Publish.
  • Click Publish New Episode
  • Click Choose file to upload, select the .mp3 file and upload it.
  • In the Title field, enter the title for the sermon plus the date, like "Message 1.11.2015"
  • Under Categories, select the preacher name or "uncategorized" if the preacher is not listed.
  • In the body field, enter the name of the preacher on the first line plus the scripture on the second line, plus any notes that are available.  What is put here is displayed by many podcast programs.
  • At the bottom of the window, click: Publish