Adding a news item

A news item is content that will appear and disappear on a schedule, so you can add it in advance of when it should appear on the web site, and it will automatically disappear when the news date has passed.

To create a news item, select Create Content > News.

Complete the fields for the item:

  • News date: the date for this news item.  This is used to order the news items on the home page and the News And Events page.
  • Display news from: This is the date when the news item should start appearing.
  • Display news to: This is the last date that the news item should appear.  It is usually, but not always, the same as the News Date.
  • Title
  • News category: usually General.
  • Abstract: A short summary of the news item to appear in the listing of news items.
  • Body: The full version of the news item, which site visitors will see when they click on "more "
  • Input Format: change to Full HTML
  • Publishing Options: If you want to prioritize this news item near the top of the lists, then select "Sticky at top of lists."

After entering this information, click Preview to see what the item will look like, or Save to save the news item.