4. Your Team Can Use The Web Site, too

You may use our church web site for looking up the preaching schedule, or seeing photos from the recent VIM trip to Iowa, or to see the electronic version of the Roseleaf. Did you know that you can use it for your group/committee in ways that work just for your team?

Recent requests to include custom pages and content for specific groups include:

  • The Montgomery Audio team, the people who make the amplified sound available on Sunday mornings, use a page for scheduling their team. When one of the team commits to taking a turn, they login to the web site and show it on their page.
  • The Lydia Circle wants to have a forum for their use that would be restricted to circle members.
  • The audio recordings for the Christmas Choir to learn their parts are available for them to play as an alternative to using a CD. Some have told us that using web audio is easier and more flexible than using a CD.
  • Angels’ Attic will be using the web site for showing the volunteer schedule, and may use it for volunteers to schedule themselves.
  • The Winter Musical 2010 team will use the web site for showing interested participants what last year’s show was like, and for providing audition materials.

What web site use would help your team? How can you use the web site to make available text, pictures, video, or audio that will enhance your ministry, and maybe save a tree or two at the same time?

If you are interested, use the web site Contact form to send a message to the web team. Use the category “Website Submission or Feedback.” While you are at it, see if there is any other contact you could make using the Contact form, now or in the future. You can use it to contact any staff member as well.