1. What are people viewing on our web site?

The new FUMCSantaRosa.org web site has been here for just over two years.  In that time, we have had thousands of page views and visitors.  Do you know what others are viewing?

In the past year, we have had about 9,000 visits to the web site, and almost 40,000 pages have been viewed.  In the past month, we have had 814 visits from 526 unique visitors, and those visitors have viewed 2,530 pages.  Were you among our visitors?  What did you see, or what did you miss?

Our home page was visited the most, of course, primarily because that is the easiest way to get to any page on the web site.  Our home page also provides a quick listing of the top 6 “coming events” in our church life.  Have you been on the web site since we changed the main menu so that the choices “drop down” to make it much easier to find your way around the site?



After the home page, the most-visited page is the Newsletter page.  Thanks to all of you who subscribe electronically to the Roseleaf!

The next most-visited pages were:

1.       Calendar – of coming events

2.       Gawthrop Festival Concert – where you can listen to the music from the concert on June 20.

3.       Preschool and Child Care Center – isn’t it great that so many are interested in this ministry?

4.       Ancient Symbols of Faith – thanks to Joanne Emery, we can learn about them

5.       Pastors and Staff – you can learn more about our great staff, and email them right from this page

6.       Contact Us – if you want to send a message to the office or about a more specific issue, go here to create an email to the appropriate person.

7.       News and Events - the listing of coming events in the life of our church

8.       What We Believe – if you ever wondered, check this out

9.       Senior Pastor – who might that be?

10.   Sermons – we have audio recordings of almost every sermon since November, 2007 that you can listen to right on the web site, or download to your computer or music player or whatever you have that will play an MP3 recording.

11.   Search – if you wondered how to find any of these pages, or any other topic on our web site, use the search form just below the menu bar.


Check future editions of the Roseleaf for more on our web site and how you can use it.  And, of course, you can find this article there, too.