Church Council, November 11, 2017



Minutes – November 11. 2017

The meeting was opened at 9 am by Paul O’Rear.  We read together our church mission statement and Oneness in Christ Statement.

Norm Bryan provided the Opening Prayer.

The minutes of September 9, 2017, and October 22, 2017, meetings were approved as submitted.

Pamala Stephens presented the report for the Discipleship/ Becoming Group.

Bill Dornbush presented the report for the FUMC Fire Recovery task force.  He discussed his meeting with Kevin Cox, CEO of Hope City, who surveyed our Stony Point property and suggested we work with FEMA to provide temporary trailer housing for fire victims.  FEMA would develop the site for a trailer village, provide trailers, security, insurance, and the people who would occupy the site for up to 18 months, then remove the site infrastructure to leave the site as they found it, and would provide some rent to FUMC.  Questions included the request to leave some connections for volunteers who would follow FEMA occupants to rebuild homes.  Blake Busick asked that we connect with Lindsey and the people who contacted her about the possibility of modular homes on the site, and Bob Young said he would do so.  It was suggested that we notify our mortgage lender about this use.  It was also suggested that we notify the neighbors about this use.  A motion was made that we approve the concept and that the task force negotiate with FEMA for us, and involve the Trustees for approval.  The motion was approved.

Sam Cox presented for the Homeless Ministries Task Force.  The Safe Parking program at Stony Point is anticipated to start next week.  Hours would be 8 pm to 7 am.  He asked for more volunteers as site monitors, and asked that interested parties contact him or John Creager.

Greg Roth reported for the Finance Committee. He reported that total income through October, 2017, was 1.2% less than last year, and total expenses were 4.1% greater than last year, in line with expectations.  Our expenses exceed income by $29,860.  He indicated that they are working to provide a cash flow statement.  The Church Council thanked Greg for his 4 years of service as chair of Finance Committee.

Blake Busick provided an update for the Standing Stewardship Committee.  He said that the planned conversations have been deferred due to the fires.  We will instead lift up and celebrate our stewardship.  The all church potluck was well received.  We will ask for financial commitments in January.

Norm Hardin reported for Trustees.  The chair and vice chair of Trustees have resigned and he will serve as the chair until January.  Their top priority is the modifications of Susannah Wesley House into the parsonage.  Tabled for now are room use and fees, utilities cost study, and fellowship hall carpet replacement.  For Susannah Wesley House, plans are being drawn by Jim Hurd.  The costs for modifications are estimated at $7500 - $10,000.  In addition, some livability factors such as kitchen improvements and appliance replacements will be needed with a total cost of up to $20,000.  We have received information that the house could rent for $3000 per month.  Questions included a discussion of the impact of our change in use on property taxes.  Diane Wikse presented a paper of preschool considerations, and Blake agreed to address them with her.

Norm Bryan presented the changes in staff and meeting locations.  He felt there was no issue with meeting usage.  Plans are about complete for staff relocations for Doug Albertson, Elizabeth Walton, Jacob Wilbur, Sekove Veisa, and Blake Busick.  Planning for moving files and furniture are also underway, with moving planned to start next week.

Naomi Niimi presented for Staff Parish Relations Committee.  She said that Mary Brunet was contracting for 3 days per week of janitorial services, to be performed Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights.  They are still looking for a person to provide service at Montgomery on Sunday.  Elizabeth Walton is providing service Wednesday and Sunday at Stony Point.  They are still looking for a person to provide all custodial services.

Naomi made a motion that any funds that are surplus of income over expense in 2017 be available for merit increases, up to $15,000.  The motion passed.

Bill Stephens presented a report for the Stony Point Campus Study Group.

The report for Hospitality was deferred to next meeting.

The report for Reconciling Community was provided in writing by Shirley Cheal who was unable to attend the meeting.

We discussed the planned use of the Fire Relief Fund, currently about $47,000.  Blake indicated that Kevin Cox suggested we hold disbursing funds until FEMA and insurance funds were provided and then supplement after that.  Gift cards worth several thousand $ have been distributed.  We need a task force to set priorities on distributing the Fire Relief Fund.  We also need to respect any gifts given for specific use, and work is underway to document that.  Diane Wikse indicated that the preschool was closed for 2 weeks and that they are offering refunds to those families who desire them.

Pastor Blake closed the meeting with prayer at 10:40 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Dornbush

Financial Report for January-October, 2017

Susannah Wesley House briefing

Susannah Wesley House floor plans

Staff and Meetings at Susannah Wesley House

Discipleship/ Becoming Group report

Stony Point Campus Study Group report

Reconciling Community of Faith report


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