Church Council, May 13, 2017


First United Methodist Church of Santa Rosa


Saturday, May 13, 2017


Paul O’Rear opened the meeting at 9:05a.m. He led the reading of our Mission and Oneness in Christ statement and offered the prayer.


Charge Conference followed, with prayer offered by Pastor Jim Current and report presented by Norm Bryan. (See separate minutes for Charge Conference.)


Approval of Minutes

Corrections were provided by Larry Thompson to the “2017 Stewardship Campaign” section as follows. Fourth paragraph should read: “……Since 2001, over $1.5 million has been spent for interest on mortgages and loans. This does not include the principal amount…….” and “……..The United Methodist Foundation of Santa Rosa may provide matching funds for special programs and projects but not cover regular church operating expenses……”

Minutes were approved as amended.


Finance Committee Report

Greg Roth presented a report on the current deficit. Anticipated revenue from the upcoming spring campaign was not factored into the current deficit. A meeting with the auditor has been scheduled for this upcoming week.

Greg reported on the Asset Task Force’s analysis of FUMC’s real estate and its finances. Change in property tax status must be considered before Stony Point campus is rented to another organization. Task Force should check with other congregations to see how they have handled their raw land.

Mere Ponjiasi suggested that the Wesley House be turned over to house Pastor Sekove; this would provide security for Montgomery campus. Also, Fijians would be willing to pay for use of Montgomery campus for its outside functions (i.e. for community-wide Fijian events).


Trustee’s Report

John DeGroot presented. He reported on the March 29 meeting with Montgomery Drive neighbors regarding the impact of Spirit Café’s program on the neighborhood. Main concern of the neighbors is they don’t know who is in charge if problems arise. It was requested that a person be identified as being responsible for oversight of the Spirit Café. 

Last Thursday (May 11), a group met to discuss organizing a task force to oversee Spirit Café. Attendees included Doug Albertson, Peg and Mike Ferrel, Norm Hardin, Michael Welch.

Discussion ensued about the maintenance and cleanliness of the facilities and bathrooms, at both campuses. Currently several congregants have been volunteering to clean the bathrooms.


At Montgomery campus, Naomi Niimi and Mary Brunet are currently discussing custodial issues and any concerns should be addressed to them.

At Stony Point campus, John DeGroot will be meeting with Coral Saxe to discuss building and grounds maintenance.


A Conditional Use Permit to place a construction trailer on the Stony Point property has been submitted to the City. Trailer would be placed on the property at $500/month for @ 6 months. Details of placement of trailer, access to electricity, etc., still need to be worked out.


John DeGroot moved to have the trailer on the property. Peg Ferrel seconded. No objections.


Having a Boys & Girls Club located at Stony Point campus for the RL Stevens’ school children was discussed. John DeGroot received concensus to explore this further.


Angel’s Attic barn storage at Stony Point campus was discussed. Trustees are currently looking into a proper storage facility.


Worship Commission

Linda Morrissey stated the Parking Lot Sale will be held June 24, 2017, at Stony Point campus. The preceding three Saturdays will be devoted to receiving items for sale. Angels Attic has agreed to sell items and keep its own proceeds. Transitional housing program will receive money from the FUMC sale.

Linda suggested to Mary Brunet that we hold an all-church cleanup at both campuses.

Mere Ponjiasi stated that the Fijians are responsible for much of the mess in the kitchen and rooms, and that someone from trustees or staff should attend their meetings to address these issues with the Fijians. Paul O’Rear and Linda will coordinate with Mere to do so.


Outreach & Service

Andrea Davis presented. See online minutes from committee.


Stony Point Worship Design Team

April Nichols presented. See online minutes from committee.


Stewardship Report

Norm Bryan spoke of the “We Love Our Ministries” campaign. The Fijian community will be contributing $10,000 to this campaign.


Paul O’Rear stated the Stewardship Committee meets every two weeks to figure out how to get more people to give of their time, money, etc.


Church Council will continue to meet every other month, but may hold a special meeting for a specific item that requires immediate action and provided the meeting pertains to that one item only.


Closing prayer offered by Pastor Jim Current. Meeting adjourned at 11:35am.


Respectfully submitted,


Anne Sekara

Secretary, FUMC Church Council


Next Church Council meeting: Saturday, July 8, 2017, 9:00am.

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