Paul Jeffrey

Letters from Paul Jeffrey

Paul Jeffrey, January 14, 2010

Dear friends in my supporting churches,

I’m behind in writing to you all, as life has been crazily hectic in recent weeks. I was in Haiti and then in southeast Asia, with a trip to conduct a workshop in Europe in between. And when back in the Northwest I was spending a lot of time with my mother, who died in December at age 88. We’re having a rousing celebration of her life this Saturday, and I’m very conscious these days of how thankful I am for her love and nurture and support for so many years.

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Paul Jeffrey, December 6, 2008

Lubumbashi, 6 December 2008

Dear friends in my supporting congregations:

I’m spending the first part of Advent in the Democratic Republic of the
Congo, a country that’s the poster child for what’s called “the resource
curse”–an abundance of natural wealth that breeds corruption that
produces massive poverty. Rich country, poor people. If there’s any
place that needs that Advent commodity of hope, it’s the Congo.

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Damascus, Syria - 14 October 2008

A letter to my supporting congregations
Damascus, Syria - 14 October 2008

Dear friends:

Milad plays his violin every day in the dingy apartment he shares with
his parents and three sisters here in Damascus. He was a concert
violinist back home in Iraq, but since the family fled to Syria last
year, the 24-year-old only plays inside their cramped apartment, except
for the one time a week he plays during mass at the nearby Chaldean
Catholic Church. His father told me Milad only plays sad songs these days.

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