No Doubt, Methodists Like to Eat!

No Doubt, Methodists Like to Eat!

How many joke have we heard about Methodists eating?  We have always liked church meals, and our forefathers were no exception.  This flyer from early in the 20th century promises “A good square meal,25¢.”  Don’t we wish the price was still the same!

Fund-raising meals have been a long tradition and have enabled the financial support of many good projects.  Social concerns, missionary work, building maintenance and many other causes have benefited throughout the years from our fondness for food and fellowship.

Sometimes we have a communal meal just because it is a nice thing to do.  No fund-raising, no hidden reasons, just food and fellowship.  Our Thanksgiving mid-day meals are like that and have been a tradition for over twenty years.  Pastor Dave Slorpe and John Lindemann started the first one in 1989.  In 1992 Keith Tyler became the coordinator and about 1995 Andy Kawecki joined him.

Besides special occasions like Thanksgiving, Advent soup suppers and periodic potlucks, routine eating events also play a large role.  There are the Thursday Morning Men’s Breakfast group, the monthly Saturday Men’s Breakfast, the Men’s Lunch Bunch, the Ethel Greene’s Ladies Lunch Bunch, the Fijian’s feasts, and meals put on by the various social groups of the church.

Folks beginning to gather for the mid-day Thanksgiving meal in Field’s Fellowship Hall, 2011.
Over 200 people attended that day, which included church goers, friends, families, the disadvantaged, homeless and hungry