Age Group Programs

Age Group Programs

Caterpillar Class (2/3 year olds) Ratio 6:1.


Butterfly Class (3/4/5 year olds/Pre-K program) Ratio 8:1.





Extended Programs

(Included in tuition)


Bible Stories/Christian Learning Program: One morning per week (15 minutes)

Miss Debbie/Miss Linda

Once a week the children are introduced to the principles of Christian living through Bible stories, songs, games, and crafts. The gentle lessons about prayer, generosity, being a good friend, etc. are always age appropriate and engaging.




Music and Movement Program: Two mornings per week (15 minutes)

Miss Darlene

Twice a week Miss Darlene visits each classroom and introduces the children to the world of music. They explore singing, rhythm, and movement as they learn new songs, clap or play a  percussion instrument, or act out some of the songs. Miss Darlene also leads both our Christmas and spring concerts. These are always exciting times for the children to share what they have been learning with their families.




Spanish Language Instruction: One morning per week (15 minutes)

Miss Lupe

Once a week Miss Lupe visits each classroom and introduces the children to Spanish. Through songs, calendars, games, and stories they learn the words for colors, shapes, numbers, items of clothing, and the weather. It's always a fun and lively time as the children explore a new language.





Extended Programs

(Extra fee charged)


Kids on the Move Gymnastics Program: Tuesdays at noon (45 minutes)

Mr. Rick

In this class our 4 and 5 year olds get the opportunity to work on developing balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility, as well as listening skills, following directions, and teamwork. Each class uses different pieces of equipment such as mats, balls, and balancing structures, so it's always new and exciting. The children strengthen their bodies and gain self-confidence as they try new things in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.

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Butterfly Class (Pre-K, 4/5 year olds)


In our Pre-K classroom the children are encouraged to explore, create and imagine, all while gettng set for kindergarten. Our classroom is a happy, safe, play-filled place where respect and support among students (and teachers) is of key importance and social skills are emphasized. Our goal is to instill within each child a lasting love of learning while nurturing their confidence in themselves.



Our Theme based curriculum includes a wide variety of topics throughout the year, such as community workers, farm, and featured authors. The children learn in a hands-on manner. An example of our community worker theme would include transforming our dramatic play area into a grocery store. Cash registers, play money, wallets, purses, grocery carts, food to buy, aprons, and bags are available. The children can make an 'OPEN' and 'CLOSED' sign and name their store. So many skills are emphasized including taking turns, role playing, counting money, making decisions on what to buy and working as a team. Additional activities related to the theme might include books about markets, puzzles of various community workers, games, songs, and fingerplays related to the grocery store, an art project, possibly cutting out pictures of favorite healthy choice foods and a cooking project. We expand on subjects as their interest grows.




Circle Time

Circle time provides an opportunity for community building, practicing listening skills and sharing ideas. There are calendar activities, books read, story telling, puppetry, fingerplays, songs and movement. Concepts are introduced such as counting, alphabet and number recognition, matching, rhyming, and opposites.



Free Play/Center Time

Our free play/center time offers rich and varied learning opportunities. Child selected centers include sensory tables, art, blocks, manipulatives, puzzles, book corner, listening center (books on tape), computers, dramatic play area with dress up, writing area, and science. There is a generous amount of time to play, explore and exeriment. The variety of activities are designed to promote social, emotional, cognitive, language and physical development. During this time, one teacher works with small groups or one-on-one at the table (i.e. dictating a story to the teacher, handwriting activities or doing a cooking project).




Throughout the day we encourage the children's emerging independence and guide them with self-help skills (zipping their jacket, problem solving skills in social situations). Outside play is full of physical, social and creative learning opportunities in our spacious yard. Nature walks and trips to nearby neighborhood parks take place as well.



School Readiness Activities

We offer many school readiness activities that meet the needs of children at all ability levels. Handwriting Without Tears by Jan Z. Olson is a program we use that encompasses so much more than just handwriting in a very approachable manner. Through music, movement, building, coloring and many multisensory activities, the children have fun as they develop important skills including:

  • fine motor control
  • gross motor control
  • language proficiency
  • listening skills, direction following
  • social skills
  • letter recognition
  • number recognition and counting
  • color and shape recogntion


Throughout our play-filled day the children in our pre-k class are developing important skills needed for kindergarten. We want them to have the language to say what they think, feel and need, to get along with others,to understand their own feelings and feelings of others and to have increased their pre-academic knowledge. We want them to approach school and learning with an eagerness and a sense of wonder.

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Caterpillar Class (2 year olds)


Welcome to the start of your child's preschool years! Many of you may be feeling you are leaving your babies with us and we understand. To create the best environment for your child we will need to work as a partnership. We start by creating a warm, nurturing, and safe place to be, where your child can learn to separate and transition easily. Being two is an exiting time of new discoveries about themselves, others and the world around them. Through play your child will explore new challenges at their own level. We use your child's natural curiosity and enthusiasm to guide the activities and build their confidence in themselves, their relationships and the basics for increased academic learning.



The foundation for academic learning is rooted in play. We do lots of playing in the Caterpillar class. The activities in the two year old class will support your child's learning using different kinds of materials from nature and the everyday world. The children will be encouraged to use their senses as they work with these materials. There are also many kinds of age-appropriate art projects, puzzles, games, dramatic play, blocks, cars, trucks and trains that encourage working together. All of our activities and material are designed for cognitive and social development. They are presented in playful, fun-filled themes that draw curiosity and support learning.




Outside Time

This is a time for the children to develop their physical bodies and develop confidence. The children will have many opportunities to challenge themselves. As they use the climbing structure, they will go from needing support from the teacher to climbing up the ladder and zooming down the curly slide all by themselves. In the bike area they will progress from using their feet to walk the tricycle to using the peddles and racing around the track. The activities in our yard change daily and allow the children to run, jump, balance and climb in a safe, supportive environment.




Circle Time

Circle time is a small group time for our two year olds to develop their sitting and listening skills. At the beginning of the year,we wil start with short time periods that will increase with the group's maturity. Some of the activities the children will be participating in are: stories, songs, finger-puppet plays, games and flannel board stories. It is also a time to talk with the children about themes, holidays, and special events.


Toilet Training

At our facility your child does not have to be toilet trained to enter the two or three year old class. After discussions between parents and childcare staff, when it is determined that your child is ready to begin the process of toilet training, we will support both parents and child in any way we can to bring about success for the child.

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