Board of Trustees, October 24, 2016

Board of Trustees Minutes

October 24, 2016


Attending: Nate Barker, Thomas Barnett, Mary Brunet, Charlie Fields, Norm Hardin, Darrell Jurling, Claudia Ward


Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Thomas. Opening prayer by Thomas.

Minutes from the Oct. 3, 2016 Trustees meeting were approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  Norm reported that we received $3000 income from The Foundation for tree pruning. He said we will cash the check and then give $1500 back to The Foundation, as agreed upon with The Foundation. He said Giffen Road improvement expenses are paid monthly and we paid $77,318 in October.

Finance Committee Report:  Norm attended their meeting  and reported we are at 98% of budget. He said income exceeds expenses by about $8000. He said the new budget will be completed in time for the stewardship dinners.

          Thomas is scheduled to attend the Nov. 9 Finance Committee.

Operations Report:  (verbal report)

          Mary reported the refrigerator is not working and she will call for service tomorrow. She will also get a replacement quote in case it can’t be repaired.

          Thomas discussed a termite situation that was observed as a swarm after the first rain. Rusty found an infestation in front of the church and prepared a report about the cost of bait traps. Thomas suggested we have a pest control company, such as Hitmen or Clark Pest Control, look at it. Mary said she will call Clark Pest Control.

          Norm said that the sidewalk in front of the church that has been repaired with asphalt “ramps” has raised up and is a trip hazard. It was suggested that orange cones could be used on a temporary basis, but eventually some of the sidewalk will have to be replaced. Tree roots are the probable cause.


  1. Furnace update - There is no heat at present.

          John has a quote from Simpson Sheet Metal but it was not presented at this meeting. Thomas said we need 3 quotes. Mary said Ivan HVAC is not interested. Thomas said there are people willing to donate funds to replace the furnace as long as air conditioning is included.  Norm suggested presenting an option to the donor(s) to air condition Fellowship Hall instead since it gets more use than the Sanctuary.

2.  Church Council Leadership Conference on Saturday Oct. 22, 2016 - Charlie and Thomas attended. They said there is a program beginning to re-ignite and restart the data base of church member skills and abilities to be combined with needs of the congregation.

3. Stony Point Study Group - Thomas attended their meeting to discuss the FISH proposal to construct a building on our Stony Point land. Nothing has been decided so far.


Adjourned at 7:55 pm. Closing prayer by Thomas. Next meeting Mon. Nov. 28 at 7pm

Respectfully submitted by Claudia Ward 


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