Board of Trustees, May 22, 2017

Board of Trustees Minutes

May 22, 2017


Attending: Nate Barker, Thomas Barnett, Charlie Fields, Norm Hardin, Darrell Jurling, John DeGroot, Bob Young, Larry Schmidt

Hospitality Committee guests: Doug Albertson, Craig Thompson


Meeting called to order at 7:05. Opening prayer by Norm Hardin.

Treasurer's Report: Norm reported that all income and expenses are as expected. April is the most recent full month of records. YTD the Trustee's managed funds are not overdrawn.

No Operations Report as Mary is not able to attend.

Church Council Report: Discussion of compensation. Discussion of Spirit Cafe operations and the neighbor. John to attend Stony Point Core Team meeting and Angel's attic about the barn storage.

Old Business: Discussion of Hospitality Committee pole banner and lighting. New presentation from Committee members. Trustees interested in including lighting of existing sign and request firm costs and proposal from electrician. Motion to allow Hospitality Committee to continue and complete the plan is unanimously approved. Norm will contact the electrician about additional lighting. The A/C equipment for the Sanctuary still needs to be installed, Doug will follow up.

Larry is coordinating an energy audit of Montgomery. All exterior lights are on a timer that is generally adjusted multiple times a year. The largest energy draw is the Steeple lighting, approx 500 watts each. Replacement will likely require new fixtures at $500+ each, plus labor. Norm will follow up with electrician to pursue large lamp options and complete the LED replacement project.

Thomas is getting quotes for the preschool fence replacement. Sidewalk repair along Montgomery is determined FUMC responsibility. John will begin researching options.

Room-use agreement desperately needs updating. John to follow up with Mary.

Mary is authorized to replace leaking faucet in Fellowship Hall. Cost should be within maintenance pre-authorized limit.

Discussion of changing possibilities of B&GC at Stony Point. John will continue talks with interested parties.

New construction trailer to be placed at Stony Point nearly approved. John has submitted paperwork to the City.

New Business: The Spirit Cafe Oversight Committee has had two meetings. They requested Pastor Blake appoint Doug Albertson as staff representative. Norm provided more details about updates to Spirit Cafe operations in response to neighbors.

The Homeless ministries Task Force has halted projects for housing. Partner funding has dried up. Task Force guaranteed the project would be net-zero cost to FUMC and that is not possible at this time. Much of the team is now exploring long-temp possibilities for Stony Point facilities use.

Discussion of Trustees responsibility regarding interconnection with other Committees.

Discussion of long-term options for Stony Point.

Discussion of custodial services.

Locks to be installed on Montgomery SCUMY room cabinets. Invoice for material will go to Mary.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm. Closing prayer given by John.


Respectfully submitted by Nate Barker

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Mon, 05/22/2017 - 19:00