Adding Meeting Minutes

We would like to use the web site to archive minutes of meetings.  There are some guidelines for content that is put on the web site, as any content put here can be viewed by anyone worldwide with Internet access.

  • Personal information must be limited to names.  No addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses should be included in content placed on the web site.  Church phone numbers are OK, as staff would like to make their church phone numbers available,

You must have a web site account to add meeting minutes.  In order to add (or edit) meeting minutes, you must first be logged into an account that has been granted the Page Editor role.

To add meeting minutes:

  • You must be viewing any page other than the web site home page.  You will know this because you will see a menu on the left side of the page.
  • In the left menu, click "Create Content" then click "Page."
  • You will see the Create Page screen.
  • Enter the Title of your minutes.  Please use the format: Committee Name, Date.  For example: "Mission Committee, Jan 3, 2008."
  • Under Page Topic, you will see "None selected."  Click the "down arrow" ( ). Click on the name of the committee for which you are posting minutes.  (If you don't see the name for your committee, Use "Minutes" and contact the webmaster to have it added.  In the top menu,use Contact, and a Category of "Website submission or feedback.")
  • In the Body, enter the minutes for the meeting.  This section uses an editor much like Word or other content editors.  You can type the minutes directly into the Body, or you can copy-and-paste the minutes from a document on your computer. 
  • If you have the minutes as a Word document, open your document, click anywhere in your document, and press Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C.  This will copy your entire document into the paste buffer.  Then click anywhere in the box below Body and its toolbar.  Click Paste from Word ( ).  A Paste From Word window will open.  Click in the box in this window.  Click Ctrl+V and click OK.  You should see your minutes posted in the Body box.  Note that there are some formatting changes if you use rulers or tabs to position contents rather than tables.  You may need to clean these up, or you may choose to leave them as-is.

    For more details on editing web pages, see
  • Click Input Format.  If you pasted from Word, select Minimal Filter.  If you created your content directly in the box, select Rich Text.
  • Click Preview to see how your minutes will appear when posted.  The first "Trimmed" version is not used.  The second "Full" version will appear where people view this page.
  • When you are satisfied with the appearance of the minutes, click Submit.
  • Your minutes will now automatically appear in the listing of available minutes:

If you have difficulty getting your minutes to appear as you want, please ask for help.  It can be frustrating until you "get the hang of" the editor for the web pages.