Adding a new Roseleaf issue

  • Login to a web site account with Content Editor privilege.
  • Go to the Roseleaf page:
  • On the right Navigation menu, click Create content.
  • In the Create Content page, click "Roseleaf Issue."
  • Enter a title, such as "Roseleaf October, 2010"
  • Enter NOTHING in the Body
  • Near the bottom of the page, click "File attachments" to expand this section:

    NOTE that the maximum file size is 7 MB.
  • Click Browse.

    Select the file to upload, then click "Open"
  • Click "Attach" and wait for the upload to happen.  
  • At the bottom of the page, click Save .
  • Your new issue will now automatically appear at the top of the listing of Roseleaf issues.

NOTE: If you need to replace the issue with a revised one, DELETE the old one before adding the new one.  There must be only one file attachment at any time.  To delete an issue, check the "delete" box at the left of an issue, then SAVE the page, then edit the page, then upload the new file and SAVE the page as shown above.