Add a home page slider slide

The home page includes slides of current announcements. To add a slide:

  • Login to the web site
  • Using the top administration menu, select Content > Add content > Homeslider
  • Enter the Title.  This is for your reference and does not display.
  • Choose the Image file and  Upload it.  The Image file will be resized to 960 X 540.  If necessary, the Image file will be cropped as well as resized.
  • Generally, the Body will be left blank
  • If you want a "Read More" link to be shown, include the link in the Readmore field.  This should be a relative link.  For example, if you want to link to "", then enter "worship" and not the leading ""
  • If you want to schedule when the slide will appear in and/or disappear from the slides, click Scheduling Options and enter the Publish On and Unpublish On dates and times.
  • Click Save.