Adding a photo album

So you have an account on our web site with privileges to add photo albums.  How do you do this?


First, you have some work to do on your PC to resize the photos that you will be uploading. If you have a photo album manager, such as ACDsee or Picasa, it probably includes a utility function to resize photos.  If you don't have a utility to do this, you can download a free tool to do this:

For good web photo resolution and download time, aim for a file size of about 50K to 100K and a photo size of 640 by 480 pixels, which is the display size of individual photos.  I used ACDsee to resize my files to 29KB to 107KB.  The reason for the difference is that the file size is dependent on the nature of the photo, and will always vary from photo to photo.



Once you have this done, you need to login to your account on the web site.  Navigate to News > Albums.  You should see an additional menu section, Add Acidfree Items.

Click on the menu item: Add an Album.

I ask for your help in maintaining a good "album hierarchy."  In other words, the albums should be added in a logical ordering to make it easier for site visitors to find what they are looking for.

For example, in this session, I wanted to add an album of photos from a workday as part of the VIM 2012 activities, so I created an album, "Bill Dornbush," and put it under parent "VIM Henryville 2012."  You should put your album under a parent that will make it easy to find.  If you don't see that parent, let me know and I will create it.  But don't let that stop you from creating the album.  Just put it under "Acidfree Albums" if you don't know where to put it for now.

Under Body, I put a description of this album.  Then I clicked Submit.  There are other options, but you can always specify them later, if needed. 



Since I had a bunch of photos to add to my album, I selected "Mass Import" from the menu on the left.  This allows me to upload up to 5 images at a time. 

(You can use Add an image to add one image at a time.)

Using Browse, I selected the first 5 images from my PC to upload, then clicked Upload.

Now I see thumbnail images of my photos displayed.  Note that the names of the photos are the names of the files that I uploaded.

The uploaded photos are shown in order according to the "global settings."  If you don't like this order, edit the album to change the "Sort Album By..." order.  I put mine in "posted order."

Now the fun begins.  You can click on any thumbnail image to see that photo in full size.  You can also edit the photo to change the photo title, body (description), or to rotate the image, if needed.  I suggest you do this as soon as possible so you don't forget the essential information about each photo. 

Note: If you use "Add an Image" to upload each photo, you can do the title, description, etc at the same time that you upload the photo.  If you plan to do this anyway, consider "Add an Image" rather than "Mass Import."

That's it.  You have created your album and added photos to it.  You can add more photos at any time, and please take the time to write captions for your photos, or paragraphs to describe them to others.